Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Police Thaana Yatra ...

Well it was one of those days when me and Sumit once more in our life decided to go movie together. What can you expect from two Girlfriend-less guys. Friends in need :)
After leaving cinema Sumit realized that his wallet was not with him. We searched and searched hard but no result. In the end we blocked his Debit/Credit cards and decided to register complaint in Police station. Now the tough task began. We watched movie in GIP and hence we were in Noida and the nearest Police station didnt cover GIP as it was not under them. Once again system failed :) . Anyhow we reached sec 37 Police station and we were asked to write application and one of the policeman told us that you can write application in both English or Hindi but they prefer mother toungue. Well there I was waiting for such an oppertunity and below is the application I wrote on behalf of Sumit. It was hard to write in Hindi after so many years but it was fun. No spell check allowed guys ;-)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The songs which became part of my Life...

The list may change on some other day but when I was thinking about the songs I love, following songs just came into my mind...

(1) Tumse hii (Jab we met): It had to be right there at the top of my list. Super romantic!! Love without any expectations. Wonderful lyrics and the music just sends me to dreamland. Although I must say my roommates will kill me if I played it once more in our Car. :)

(2) Addicted (Enrique Iglesias): The lyrics are just superb. Enrique's voice makes it even more better. Annoyed girlfriend/friend-girl? works most of the time... 9 out of 10 times actually ;-)

(3) Aaoge jab tum (Jab we met): Again fantastic lyrics. "Naine tere kajrare hain, naino pe hum dil haarey hain, anjane hi tere naino ne vaade kiye kayi saarey hain" This line is killer. Emotions just flow like anything in this song...

(4) Love to see you cry (Enrique Iglesias): Just super music and Enrique's awesome voice.

(5) Rhythm Divine (Enrique Iglesias): This was the first song of Enrique that I heard and I became a fan. Searched all over in order to get this song into my computer. Before that I used to dial my cable operator everyday in order to see this song. Mast lyrics again and superb music.

(6) Hum jo chalne lagey (Jab we met): Jab we Met again. I am fan of this movie and Music is one of the reason. Super kool music and some how it motivates me, don't know why though.

(7) I'll Survive (Enrique Iglesias): Pure inspiration... I used to listen it all day after my not so good 2nd Sem result and I rocked in 3rd sem :)

(8) Bheegi bheegi si hain raatein (Gangster): Well it just came at right time. Song was new and I was going through tough time then. Somehow It became inseparable part of my Cellfone.

(9) Chak de INDIA (Chak de INDIA): Well what a song... If you are sports lover, this is the song for you. I loved the way India won the worldcup T20 and this was the song playing all over the grounds. It just charges you. And I guess it charged team India too...

(10) Jaleo (Ricky Martin): One of the songs I wanna listen to again and again. Although originally it is in Spanish but the Spanglish version is awesome too. Ricky Martin has always been my favourite but don't know why he is not coming with another smashing album of his!!!