Friday, July 31, 2009

Week full of Movies :)

Last 7-10 days were full of movies and fun. Its been a while since I have felt this much low work pressure but the work I was doing is way to critical, perhaps this is the only thing making me nervous right now. Anyhow I watched Madagascar on my laptop along with my roommate Dhingra and soon after finishing it we headed straight to Select Citywalk, where our Harry Potter's latest flick was waiting for us. Not really actually! we reached there some 15 minutes late and it had already started. But then we had no choice then to watch rest of movie. I dont know why but I have this feeling that Harry Potter series has lost its charm after 3rd part (Chamber of Secrets). May be its only my assumption as I had to watch it only in English from fourth part onwards :). I watched first three parts in Hindi. Well next day I went straight to my cousin Dheeraj's new house to welcome new Bhabhi. There is no better place in Dlehi other then Malls and Movie halls, specially in Summers. The only decent realease we had last week was Luck. From trailors the movie was looking crap but as soon as we entered the hall, somehow we got engaged in the script. The movie seemed good. Although, morally not much of people would have liked the subject but once in, after purchasing those 225+15 Rupees per head who cares about moral issues ;-). The movie was fast and there was no chance that boredum can enter you mind. Most of the people didnt see the movie because of the reviews they got but I like to give reviews rather then listen to reviews thats why I can also watch a movie like Jashnn on a weekeday :) Yes guys I even saw that. Tell me, what can you do when your roomie's girl is in your house at 11 PM!!! Well I didnt want to be KCH (Kabaab che Haddi) and decided to watch something like Jashnn alone. Its not even worth writing review. A total crap!! Rest pf time I was busy doing coding on HP3000 ( I guess its since Aladin's time) machine for Pricelist. My PL would kill me if anyhing went wrong today :( I'll be dead man!!!Well then as decided in Bus I booked tickets for Love Aaj Kal for Friday evening show. Ok I am going to check Pricelist script now catch you soon... Will complete it soon, I know nobody will visit this link till then ;-)
----I am back guys...
My scripts seem fine but god knows how well they will do at 13:00 CET. Fingers Crossed!! All I can say is that I need some LUCK. May be I can borrow some from Sanjay Dutt or Imran Khan :). Coming back to Love Aaj Kal, movie seemed quite strange the way it started. The love thing happened in just a fraction of minutes. It was like 5 Min ladki In!! Sounds wonderful though ;-). Anyways the real movie began when Rishi Kapoor came out of no where. Saif looked really OLD when he first entered. Perhaps in year or two Imtiaz can make a movie with Saif playing Rishi's character and Ranbir making entrance in Saif's character. Well I said Ranbir because Saif looked exactly the same in one of L.A.K. posters!!! Deepika seemed perfect in this role though ;-) The movie was quite good and as expected I got call from Divya as soon as I reached home. Well she went for 7:20 PM show and I was bit faster then her. Mine was at 6:30 PM. Lolz... I won :). The excitement from her voice told me that she had watched the movie and she loved it. This was kind of excitement she showed after watching JTYJN and Rock ON... And yes Divs, Pooja & MS I heard "Ajj Din Chaddeya" and its superb. Also this movie taught me one very important lesson.... I am a "khulla hua Saand" from last 18 Months. Sounds quite heavy :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Movie Collection Increased :)

Well my chandigarh yatra last week proved quite useful in terma of my collection :)... Thanks Divs... Just watched Butterfly Effect ...mast movie... :)