Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sachin Tendulkar "The Legend"

It was Mid Nineties when I first started watching Cricket. I was sitting alongside my father and I was asking all sort of silly questions related to cricket. India didn't do very well in bowling department, so I asked my father who is going to win this match for INDIA. And without even taking his eyes from TV, my father answered it must be Sachin Tendulkar. That was the day when I became his fan, without knowing much about him at that time. I watched couple of matches of India and my belief in him grew stronger and stronger. I wanted to Open the batting in our street level cricket because Sachin Tendulkar opens for India. Then came the the World Cup 1996. First Match was against Kenya and he scored a century, 127. Followed by a brilliant 70 & 90 against Windies & Aussies respectively. But that time India was known as One-Man Army and as soon as he got out against Australia, All hopes died there itself. He scored a brilliant century against Srilanka in league match.
I was quite happy with the way everything was going on in that World Cup and the First over by Javagal Srinath in Semi Final against SriLanka, cheered every Indian. India started the batting and it was again the Little Genius who took the resposibility to Win that game for India. He was playing superbly until he got out to smart work from Kaluwitharna. That was the time when a drop of tear came out of my eye. But what happened after that made me cry for 3 hours non stop. C'mon guys I was a Kid then!!!
The kind of Respect and Love that got generated at that point of time for Sachin Tendulkar, never decreased. Even when people start raising their doubts if he can play anymore or not. I think He is a big big tree and these critics are like Monkeys. These monkeys will keep on jumping from one place to another place on this huge tree but even then can not judge his height, his Greatness. I have seen some of really big name like Kapil Dev, Bishon Bedi telling him to retire from Cricket and changing their statements after his one breth taking performance. I have seen the kind of joy Sunny Gavskar and Ravi Shashtri feel when Sachin hits an On Drive or Drives fast bowlers on the UP towards cover boundry. These are men, who will never say him to retire because they know that he has got equally good Cricketing brain and he can take decision on his own. Also, these guys are payed for "Commenting on Cricket" and not on "Commenting on how Sachin Played in one inning".
After such enormous success he is still Down to earth and he has never been part of any controversy ever. He never abused some one, never fought with any one after getting drunk!!! His Off-Field image is as good as his On-Field image.

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