Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Police Thaana Yatra ...

Well it was one of those days when me and Sumit once more in our life decided to go movie together. What can you expect from two Girlfriend-less guys. Friends in need :)
After leaving cinema Sumit realized that his wallet was not with him. We searched and searched hard but no result. In the end we blocked his Debit/Credit cards and decided to register complaint in Police station. Now the tough task began. We watched movie in GIP and hence we were in Noida and the nearest Police station didnt cover GIP as it was not under them. Once again system failed :) . Anyhow we reached sec 37 Police station and we were asked to write application and one of the policeman told us that you can write application in both English or Hindi but they prefer mother toungue. Well there I was waiting for such an oppertunity and below is the application I wrote on behalf of Sumit. It was hard to write in Hindi after so many years but it was fun. No spell check allowed guys ;-)

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